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by Dr.broids on January 23, 2012

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     In this article we will talk about fibroid cures in a medical vs. natural kind of format. This is a problem that affects about a quarter of whites and nearly half in the black population.

These are surgical approaches that doctors use to solve different fibroid problems, they are as follows;

The Hysterectomy – This procedure requires the removal of the womb.

The Myomectomy – This procedure is about the removal of the tumors only. This procedure leaves the womb intact allowing the woman to still have children.

Embrolization – This is where small particle are sent through the arteries feeding the myoma or fibroid tumor cutting off the blood flow  causing the fibroid to shrink. It is not know if this method affects childbearing and therefore is offered to those who no longer desire to bear children.

A majority of doctors will prescribe a hysterectomy as the best solution to ridding yourself of uterine fibroid s. Of course this can be very frightening for most women because it involves surgery in which the uterus is completely removed. Yikes!

Sometimes surgery becomes vital. Heavy bleeding or extremely large fibroid growths calls for drastic solutions. Fibroids starts while you are young but as you get older their presence begins to be made known. If you wait too long to treat them you may end up in the operating room. 

 Surgery or some type of invasive procedure will be selected and not just  because the patients health my be in jeopardy. Doctors typically do not believe or recommend natural solutions for the elimination or control of physical ailments that are normally treated with drugs, cutting, or some other invasive means of eliminating this problem. These typical conventional medical solutions usually works hand in hand with some expensive pharmaceutical applications used to help stave off future

Please be aware that you do not have to accept any major surgical procedure that involves the removal of a body part. Even though your doctor may describe the procedure as necessary.

There are risks involved in taking the surgical route, you could get an infection, or bleed to death, or some other unplanned occurrence to happen while under the knife. If you are a young woman you have to understand that surgery can mean the end of having your own children, and for some women, the end of having orgasms.

Natural fibroid cures usually responds quite well when fully implemented. If you can find a medical practitioner who will work with you so much the better. But they are few and far between.

If it is not absolutely necessary to have surgery. Try to resolve the problem naturally first.  Of course your doctor might not agree, doctors are not trained to solve problems with natural resources. They usually demonize those who practice an alternative method, and ridicule those who claim success. In a way you can't blame them because there are many false solutions presented a solutions to a given problem only to be proven false. but that doesn't mean that legitimate solutions are not avaliable. I assure you there are diffrent paths to well being.

I could go on about the structure of conventional medicine, and why it only accepts cures found by cutting, drugs, or poisons. But for right now I only want to let you know about other ways in which you can be cured. 

There is a Natural solutions called “Fibroid Miracle” I suggest you take a look at this proven method. It has helped others and it can help you.


Uterine Fibroids

Uterine fibroids are uterus abnormal growths that occur throughout the reproductive phase of the woman’s existence. They are non cancerous abnormal growths and therefore are also called fibromyomas. They’re usually not connected with growing the chance of cancer. A lot of women are not aware they have this problem as they do not experience any signs and symptoms. Uterine fibroids might be discovered while carrying out an ultrasound or perhaps a pelvic exam. Fibroids ranges in dimensions from very small to bulky public. They are able to occur singular or perhaps in multiples.

A lady getting uterine fibroids can experience signs and symptoms like pelvic discomfort, pelvic pressure, heavy menstrual bleeding, prolonged periods, urge to urinate frequently, constipation, discomfort while peeing and discomfort in legs and back. The position of the fibroid can enhance certain signs and symptoms. The subserosal fibroids would be the kind which project towards the outdoors from the uterus can put pressure around the bladder leading to urinary problems. When the fibroids bulge out of the back from the uterus, it may cause constipation or back pain. Submucosal fibroids would be the kinds which come to be the interior cavity from the uterus leading to heavy and prolonged menstrual bleeding. Fibroids tend not to cause acute discomfort if this starts to die. You ought to go to the physician should you experience pelvic discomfort which doesn’t disappear or discomfort throughout lovemaking.

The standards accountable for the reason for uterine fibroids are as below:

1. The body’s hormones: The 2 the body’s hormones namely oestrogen and progesterone stimulate the introduction of the liner from the uterus which prepares it for pregnancy. These the body’s hormones promote the development of uterine fibroids.

2. Genetic Modifications: Fibroids contain modifications in genes.

3. Chemicals: Chemicals that help with maintaining tissue may modify the development of fibroids.

4. Genetics: In case your close relative has fibroids, you’re also likely to be.

Fibroids in women that are pregnant raise the chance of miscarriage and premature labor. The physician may carry out some tests or ultrasound to identify the health of uterine fibroids. There’s no specific strategy to fibroids and several choices are available such as the following:

1. Medicines: You will find medicines available which help to manage the menstrual period. These medicines may shrink the fibroids. The medicines include Gn-RH agonists which encourages the sex gland to create oestrogen and progesterone. When taken as therapy, Gn-RH agonist produces opposite effect. A progestin delivering IUD can help in getting respite from heavy bleeding. This does not shrink or get rid of the fibroids it only works well for lowering the signs and symptoms. Androgen may be the male hormone so when given like a therapy it reduces the signs and symptoms. Dental birth control methods may also help with controlling heavy bleeding.

2. Hysterectomy: The entire process of getting rid of the uterus is known as hysterectomy. This can be a permanent strategy to uterine fibroids. But the issue connected with this particular surgery of total hysterectomy may be the lack of ability to possess children.

3. Myomectomy: Within this surgical treatment, the fibroids are removed not the uterus. This can be a more sensible choice if you want to possess children later on. The chance of reoccurrence of fibroids exists within this procedure. For multiple fibroids, abdominal myomectomy might be done as well as for small fibroids, laparoscopic myomectomy might be carried out.

4. Ultra seem surgery: FUS or forced Ultrasound Surgery might be carried out.

5. Myolysis: Within this an electrical current can be used to eliminate the fibroid.

The option of treatment may depend of the signs and symptoms along with other factors.4


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